Sending Titles From Your PC to Your Expansion Card

  1. Press the ON/OFF key on your handheld device, to turn it on.
  2. Your handheld device must be on and the Expansion Card selected for BOOKMAN Desktop Manager to read the Expansion Card.

  3. On your handheld device, press CARD.
  4. Use the arrow keys to highlight Connect to PC card icon.
  5. Press ENTER to select it.
  6. Searching for a connection appears on your handheld device screen to indicate the Desktop Manager is scanning for an attached handheld device with an Expansion Card.

    Connected appears on your handheld device screen to indicate a connection has been established.

  7. In BOOKMAN Desktop Manager, click eBooks, if necessary.
  8. Click the title you want to send to your Expansion Card.
  9. If you downloaded titles for Mobipocket Reader for BOOKMAN, click Titles for the Mobipocket Reader.

  10. Click Send to BOOKMAN.
  11. If you selected an eBook formatted for BOOKMAN, the transfer begins.

    If you selected Titles for the Mobipocket Reader, a window opens showing your Mobipocket titles. The size of each title is labeled. If the total memory of the titles exceeds the memory available on your Expansion Card, select the title(s) you wish to remove and click Remove. Click OK to send the titles to your Expansion Card. See Managing Mobipocket Reader Titles for more information.

  12. Disconnect the serial-to-USB or serial-to-serial cable from your handheld device and, if you want, from your PC.
  13. If you want to, disconnect the AC adapter cable (if you are using one) from your handheld device and from the power source.

  14. Press CARD on your handheld device.
  15. If the eBook on your card is formatted for BOOKMAN, you see an icon for the book.

    If the Titles on your card are formatted for Mobipocket Reader for BOOKMAN, you see Mobipocket Reader card icon.

  16. Use the right or left arrow keys to highlight the icon for the title on your Expansion Card and press ENTER to select it.
  17. When you select Mobipocket Reader card icon the Mobipocket Reader opens to its Library.