Downloading Titles From the Internet to Your PC

The BOOKMAN Desktop Manager helps you find titles you can read on your ExpansionCard.

  1. Click Internet in the BOOKMAN Desktop Manager.
  2. You see links to various Web pages.

  3. To purchase a title from Franklin's eStore, click Find eBooks at
  4. Your Web browser is automatically launched and you are taken to Franklin's eStore.

    For information on obtaining eNews, see Using the Mobipocket Web Companion.

    Note: If you are not logged on to the Internet, you will have to so at this point.

  5. Select the titles you want and add them to your shopping cart.
  6. eBooks formatted for BOOKMAN or titles for Mobipocket Reader for BOOKMAN are clearly labeled. Please note the size of each eBook for BOOKMAN that you purchase. If it exceeds the memory size of your Expansion Card, you will not be able to send the eBook to your card.

  7. Proceed to the check out.
  8. You are prompted to enter your User name and Password. If you have an account with Franklin, you have this information already. If you do not have an account with Franklin, you must first create one.

    Note: For some titles, you may be asked to enter your Personal Identification Number (PID). Enter the PID that is posted on the Help View of the Desktop Manager. Helpful Hint: You can copy and paste this number.

  9. Complete the purchase and download.
  10. During the download process select the Open option. Titles formatted for BOOKMAN appear in the eBooks View of Desktop Manager while Mobipocket Reader titles appear in the dialog box for Mobipocket Reader titles.

    If you select the Save option, find the file and double-click it.

    By default, titles formatted for BOOKMAN are stored in ...\My BOOKMAN Files on your PC.

    Some titles may download as zipped files. You will need to unzip these files before proceeding. If you do not have an unzip program installed on your PC, please visit to obtain one. Double-click Mobipocket formatted titles in the Winzip window.

    Helpful Hint: Save your titles for Mobipocket Reader in ...\My eBooks as this is the first folder Desktop Manager searches when you click Add in the dialog box for Mobipocket Reader titles.