BOOKMAN Desktop Manager is the program that enables you send electronic books (eBooks), electronic newspapers (eNews) and electronic documents (eDocs) to a BOOKMAN Expansion Card inserted in your handheld device. Note: eBooks, eNews and eDocs are collectively referred to as "titles" in this help file.

eBooks may be formatted for BOOKMAN (indicated by BOOKMAN formatted eBook) or for Mobipocket Reader for BOOKMAN (indicated by Mobipocket formatted titles). eNews and eDocs are always formatted for Mobipocket Reader. The card can hold only one eBook formatted for BOOKMAN, but it can hold several titles formatted for Mobipocket Reader.

An Expansion Card is a writable electronic card that can contain content for use with the BOOKMAN Desktop Manager and Connectivity Kit. Additional Expansion Cards are available for purchase at www.franklin.com.

Expansion Cards allow you to expand the use of your handheld device to read titles you download. The cards come in two sizes: The BMC-2 with 2 MB of memory and the BMC-4 with 4 MB of memory. Any title you send to your Expansion Card will be housed on the Card ONLY. The dictionary or Bible on your handheld device is never affected. Please remember that you can read the titles sent to your Expansion Card only as long as the card remains inserted in your handheld device. Each time you send a new title to your Expansion Card, the old one on your card is overwritten. If you have the old title on your PC, you can always send it to your Expansion Card again. In addition, once you've purchased an eBook from www.franklin.com, you can always download it again at any time.

If your handheld device uses Lithium CR-2032 batteries you must use the AC adapter to provide enough power to transfer titles. For handheld devices that use AAA batteries, users may want to use an AC adapter to conserve battery power. Only AC adapters purchased from www.franklin.com will work with these devices. Please look for Model # 7402001 when you visit Franklin's Web site.

Note: Only some of Franklin's handheld devices are capable of transferring data using the Connectivity Kit (for a complete list of compatible devices, please visit www.franklin.com). Expansion Cards are also required.

The BOOKMAN Desktop Manager enables you to perform the following tasks:

Other software included with the Installation CD:

Mobipocket Web Companion - This program enables you to manage eNewspaper subscriptions and update them. The Web Companion also provides links to the Internet from where you can purchase and download more eBooks and subscribe to more eNewspapers from the Mobipocket Web site.

This help file includes information about the BOOKMAN Desktop Manager views (eBooks, Internet, Databank and Help) and other graphic interface items. It also provides instructions about getting started, connecting your handheld device to a PC, adding new content, managing files, and so forth.